“I can’t explain it, but I just love to weave – I love everything about this craft.” - Maria Teresa


Artisans 10

Latitude 16.7304° N, 92.7252° W

Equal parts imagination, inspiration and artisanal technique. That’s the secret recipe for the beautiful handwoven textiles created by this group of master weavers of teh Nachig community. 

Maria Teresa, is one of the weavers of the artisan group of Nachig, in the Highlands of Chiapas. She is enchanted with the craftmanship ever since she was a little girl in the countryside. 

Maria Teresa carefully selects the work she commits with, beacuse as she says, she wants to give the best she can of her experience to see her work reflected in the end product. She loves the works seh does. We have worked hard with Maria Teresa, she has been a committed weaver to all the work that we have been through for the pieces that we have designed for our collections. 



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