Sustainability & Ethics

Environmental and Social

Traces of the World is committed to a sustainable journey and our business model is rooted in a belief in the deep connection that exists between our things, our communities, our planet and ourselves. On an environmental level, Traces of the World works towards a value-focused supply chain to reduce our negative impact. Our artisans work with one of the world’s most sustainable textile manufacturing techniques, the ancestral loom. In addition, by producing clothes where the materials are sourced and by using natural dying processes, our makers’ environmental footprint is drastically lower than conventional manufacturing practices. Thoughtful production of durable, high-quality products means our stock is intentionally limited, but we retain the option to produce on-demand to avoid waste. 


We believe that women are change-agents, and our platform connects women from different parts of the world to exchange their shared values. Worldwide , 95% of indigenous artisans are female. We give conscious female consumers the chance to connect, support and empower these women through their purchase decisions.