Traces of the World vision is minimizing footprint through addressing a sustainable and ethical production and inspiring for a more conscious consumption. We communicate our values through the innovation of our products and through creating ethical and sustainable work relations with the artisan communities we collaborate with. 
Weaving a new future with the threads of Beauty that honor humans and the earth. 

According to UNESO*, Women constitute one-half of the world’s population, they do two-thirds of the world’s work, they earn one-tenth of the world’s income and they own one-hundredth of the world’s property including land. 

We belief in that women are agents of change and our platform connects women from different parts of the world to exchange their shared values. Worldwide, 95% of indigenous artisans are female. We give conscious female consumers the chance to connect, support and empower these women through their purchase decisions. Long term, we’re building up a community of makers and consumers that will invent further sustainable solutions. 

An investment in a women is an inmediate & sustainable investment in her community.

 Our UNESCO objectives for the sustainable development.