Artisans of CHAMULA |

Meet the artisans behind our ethically made clothes and know their heirloom techniques.

"Besides growing our food and having our animals, part of our daily routine is weaving beautiful pieces.”





16° 47′ 2″ North
92° 41′ 23″ East

Woman weavers of Chamula

These woman weavers of Chamula, Michaela and Antonia, are sisters and the oldest of five brothers. These master weavers are incredible strong woman and weave as a way to provide for her family after they lost their parents. When we started to work with these master artisans, they couldn’t wait to show us their handiwork – their faces beamed with pride as they told us about the different stories and symbols found throughout their weavings. To them, these weavings aren’t merely weavings, they reflect their own personalities and their Chamula roots.
After traveling more than 2 hours before getting at their community, these woman live in the countryside, deep into the mountains of the Highland of Chiapas. They grow their own sheep, and use the wool to create our favorite designs. Wool textiles are a tradition in the municipality of San Juan Chamula of the Mexican state of Chiapas, where the Tzotzil Indians raise sheep exclusively to obtain their fur and turn it into beautiful typical garments, because they consider them sacred animals.
This wool is unique to Mexico and for centuries practiced by the shepherdesses and the indigenous weavers have created a highly specialized product. It is hand spun, resulting in a yarn of uneven thickness, infusing the fabric with its characteristic texture. Because the wool is not being treated industrially, it retains its natural luster and allows for vibrant colors to be achieved during the dyeing process.