Artisans of LARRAINZAR |

Meet the artisans behind our ethically made clothes and the pieces they create with heirloom techniques.

¨Jolob is a family business, a heritage from my father that we manage with all my brothers. I am very happy with our workshop, the people from the community and the family continues to grow¨.

Alberto Gomez




16° 53' 4" N
92° 42' 54" E

The Jolob Cooperative

¨My name is Alberto, the owner of Jolob. My father created the workshop in 2001 with foot looms, and after he died in 2010 I personally took care of the workshop. We started the workshop as a family business with all my brothers, it is my fathers legacy and the biggest we will receive in our lifetimes.
It is an honor to see how the workshop grows, the community and the family. This is not a simple workshop, the artisans work altogether to create a huge team and we want to keep on growing to be internationally known.
JOLOB as a cooperative dedicates itself to the production of textiles with the foot and back strap loom techniques, typically known from the Highland of Chiapas. Every design is a master piece handcrafted by the artisans of the workshop, completely unique and authentic. The living heritage of the weavers of the workshop Jolob is committed and motivated to keep on growing to offer the world a piece of culture and love of Chiapas¨.