Limited Editions


As Traces of the World, we produce limited numbers of each style to keep our manufacturing processes sustainable and to avoid overproduction. As every item is made of thoughtful production process of durable, high-quality materials created and finished by hand by our small team of artisans. Offering Limited Edition collections is a way of honoring the craft we are offering. Due to the slow-processes of our value chain, our items have a quality and exclusiveness that characterize craft products. 

Artisans may well not be able to mass manufacture to the degree that global corporations can, so they are arguably less well-positioned to provide to the fickle nature of trend-conscious consumers. However, by nature, independent artisan-produced work – as an example of high culture – establishes itself beyond the world of fashion. It outlives trends and takes on a timeless quality.

And its scarcity is just one of the things that makes it more desirable. Artisanal crafts run the gamut of cultural ephemera. For each of life’s needs (and most of its desires, too), there is a craft to meet it. So, artisans do not merely produce work that helps our lives to function more easily. They also work in a decorative capacity, helping to enrich our lives by making it more aesthetically pleasing. 

Responsably sourced and artisan-crafted



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